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  • mantic Spain series, oil painting smudged silk shirt

     Romantic Spain series, one eye falls, oil painting smudged silk shirt


    Dyeing silk, unique literature and art, retro charm

    This collection of prints is really artistic and each one is charming

    The style design is basically one piece, and the version is very material, but it can wear a paper figure.

    One-piece cutting, using the fabric's own margin to modify the body shape,

    The arc is in one go, very beautiful

    Front panel is double-layered design, raglan sleeves, just right V-neck

    Or elegant, romantic, gentle and casual, or tucked into the pants can also add a bit of independence and chic,

    Loose and loose, fashionable and lazy, the version is too beautiful

    The print pattern is abstract ink floral floral with orange pink and ink green as the base colors, macedonia print Macedonia print.

    There is a kind of beauty of artistic conception, and the color system is very well controlled.

    The print that is easy to wear is this kind of low-saturation abstract print, hazy and elegant, easy to wear, and it also lifts the complexion.

    Silk georgette, slightly transparent, but it is originally printed, so it can be worn alone

    Soft and nothing, the soft texture is a kind of enjoyment to wear