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  • About Us


              Queenspar.com is newly opened. Started in 2011, has been committed to online shopping malls for 9 years. Have a good team, and think that you find the most beautiful clothing for the purpose.           

              Queenspar.com's initial positioning is: fashion women's clothing, across a variety of styles of retro fashion. Because of the years of research on the apparel industry and its unique vision, it quickly stands out in the same category of women's wear. Add different elements of Korean, Japanese, European, American, and Chinese to the clothing style.          

              Queenspar's fashion is in the elegant style of the main theme, providing a variety of choices for young urban independent women. From the retro dresses of the 60s, to the silhouette jackets of the 90s, to the classic printed shirts, queenspar transforms the hottest T-stage trends into elegant and pragmatic everyday dresses to meet modern women. Diversified fashion needs. In 2019, we are no longer satisfied with offline stores, we are beginning to log in to the Internet, and our influence is expanding. We are committed to conveying the connection between life and clothing. Clothing is a manifestation of life and strives to bring more personality to modern women. Life attitude. Queenspar.com is our new beginning, where you will always find the right clothes for you.          

              We sincerely welcome the cooperation of wholesale customers.